Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Beaute Therapist Retail Sales Training

    • A message from one therapist to another

    • How to make the most out of your training

  • 2


    • 1. Taking the clients booking

    • 2. The Clients First Impression

    • 3. Therapists Presentation Standards

    • 4. Meeting and Greeting the Client

  • 3


    • 5. Making the most out of the Client Consultation

    • 6. Asking open ended questions and building an information bank

    • 7. Diagnosing and Educating your client based on their concern

    • 8. Diagnosis and Education example

    • 9. Performing an Exceptional Treatment with presence and grace

  • 4


    • 10. Closing the treatment

    • 11. Prescribing, Rebooking and overcoming our 'money stories'

  • 5

    Next Steps & Resources

    • 12. Putting it all together

    • Retail BINGO!


  • What is included?

    When signing up to the Beaute Therapist Retail & Sales Training, you're signing your entire team up for a years access to all of the above content.

  • How does my team get access?

    Register an email and password that your team would recognise (ie. and dayspa123) When the team has a client cancellation, is quiet on the appointment books, traveling to and from work or even as an induction, they can log into the course and start learning!